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The Blow molding machine export prospects look good

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According to Chinese customs statistics, 1 ~ 11 months China's total exports in 2009 blow molding machine 9543 units, the amount of nearly $316 million, compared with the same reduced 43.9% and 37.2% respectively; Over the same period, China's import blow molding machine 4632 units, amount of $462 million, compared with the reduced by 53% and 53% respectively.
Industry experts said that in 2009 China's blow molding machine products export decline is only temporary, is the result of the international financial crisis led to the global market. Believe that with the improvement of the global economy, the improvement of China's blow molding machine products, blow molding machine products of China's exports will continue to increase, in the global market share also will continue to expand.
Global molding machine market prospects well
According to the industrial market, according to a survey, a research firm global plastics machinery market scale, will increase at an average annual rate of 3.5%. The United States and Japan plastic machinery demand to signs of a recovery in Western Europe market demand to accelerate growth in 2010. China, India and Russia plastic machinery sales prospects look good. Turkey, the Czech republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions, the demand for plastic machinery will also gradually increase. Coupled with the continued development of the global construction market, will boost demand for pipe, wall plate and other extrusion products, and the extrusion equipment demand growth. Therefore, the global demand for extrusion equipment, is expected to be more than other types of plastic products.
In 2009, the blow molding machine industry is the highest in the world, exports accounted for more than 20% of the world's total exports, in a dominant position in the global competition for blow molding machine. Italy and Japan ranked the second and third place. blow molding machine export quotas are declining in the United States. Japan's electric blow molding machine occupies an important position in the world, including the electric blow molding machine in North America share has reached 30%.
At present, the developed countries mainly in precision blow molding machine, blow molding machine large blow molding machine high technology content, high value-added model mainly. After years of technology import and technology innovation, in the field of the low end of the blow molding machine, molding machine industry in China manufacturing level has been with the developed countries, plus the labor price advantage, make the low end of the blow molding machine of China's export accounted for half of the world.
In addition, in recent years, China plastic machinery in the field of blow molding machine in the end not only had great progress, and have made a breakthrough in the field of high-end blow molding machine, as a result, China's market share will gradually expand the molding machine.
The Russian market become "beacon"
At present, the Russian manufacturers are committed to gradually expand the production capacity and investment in the modernization of factories, plastic processing machinery, and other light industrial machinery and equipment market heats up. , because of the large demand of plastics machinery of Russia and the ability of domestic production of plastic machinery co., LTD., far cannot satisfy the market demand, therefore, the product imports was increasing.
The personage inside course of study analysis, Russia's molding machine market demand reason mainly has the following several aspects: one is due to the food industry has developed rapidly in China, the demand for plastic packaging materials increases correspondingly; The second is due to building materials, sports supplies, stationery and auto industry growing demand for plastic products; Three is the Russia has more than 2000 enterprises involved in plastics processing. Ownership of the existing blow molding machine is estimated to be around 10000 units, and most have been old, the machines for more than 80% of the machines are in urgent need of replacement. According to the personage inside course of study introduces, in recent years, the Russian plastics machinery market is developing rapidly, the size of the market to reach $200 million to $300 million, over the next few years Russia plastic machinery market will continue to grow.
Russia plastic machinery market expanding, promising, has drawn great attention of the countries in the world plastic machinery manufacturers and fierce competition. Not only European machinery company strengthen marketing, expand market share, many Asian machinery company is ready, in order to occupy a place in the Russian market, began to work hard to attract Russian customers.
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